Corporate Policy


Realizing a society full of smiles.

We are always conscious of the existence of “people”.
We will realize a society where all “people”, whether customers, employees, and their families, feel happiness and feel convenience, that is “smile”.


Contribute to the information society that is close to people with IT technology and human power.

It is important to believe in own potential and continue growing up towards the future without being satisfied in now.
With an creative idea, We aim at a company and the individual who can play an active part as “Only One” by taking a oneself-led action and contribute to the information-oriented society which can be close to people to a weapon with an “IT technology” X “human being”.


JACOM’s All action standards are “3C+1H”.

The 4 keywords (3C + 1H) of Customer Satisfaction, Confidence, Honest, and Challenge are the standards of all actions, and “human resources” in all the organizations that constitute Jacom based on the recognition that “people” are “property”. We will pursue the satisfaction of each individual, organization, and stakeholder.

About us

Location Head Office : Shinjuku-Ku, Tokyo
・Office : Yokohama / Nagoya
Foundation 5 Jun 1974
Capital stock 49 million yen
President Takeshi Makino
Employee 185

Main Client

Hitachi Group ・Hitachi, Ltd.
・Hitachi Systems, Ltd.
・Hitachi Solutions, Ltd.
・Hitachi Solutions Create, Ltd.
NEC Group ・NEC Corporation
・NEC Aerospace Systems, Ltd.
・NEC Solution Innovators, Ltd.
・C3I Systems Corporation
・Toho System Science Co., Ltd.
・NTTDATA EMAS Corporation


Financial system
・Banking system
Customer Information File system, Diposit system, Loan system, Exchange system
・Stock system
Stock Exchange system, Provision of securities information system
・Insurance system(life, property)
Argency Business Suport system, Contract Control system, Group Insurance Control system, Sales Statistics system
Public system
・Local government system
Familly Register Synthesis system, Resident Record system, National Health Insurance system, Tax storage system, Water Supply Control system
・Local government system
Defence system(ground, air, central), Space(Satellite control)
Social Infrastructure system
・Traffic system
IC Card Management system (railway), Ticketing system (railway), Tour Operator system
・Electric Power system
Wide area Organization system, Smart City system
・Telecommunications system
Broadcasting system, Mobile Communication system
・Control system
Cable TV Receiver system, POS Terminal system, Business Phone system, Application(Android/iOS)


ISO9001 Quality Management System
ISO27001 Information Security Management System